The Spaces In Between

Around 10 weeks in the making, 2/5ths of water-shed in lockdown with a new original destined for album number 3.

Now out on Spotify as EP with remixed remastered version of Stolen Little Moments


One World – John Martyn Cover

‘One World’ never seemed more appropriate as a message than for the middle of 2020. Started digging into the original meaning of the lyrics and it seems much more about John Martyn’s protest about his place in the music industry, and how it treated his friends such as Nick Drake, but like all great songs it works on so many levels.

Nothing Good – Blair Dunlop Cover

Jamie Cullum put out a challenge a couple of years ago to learn and record a new song in one take to camera in an hour. I always thought it would be interesting to have a go so sat down and learnt one of the fantastic songs on Blair Dunlop’s new album. Learnt and tabbed in about half an hour, picked the best of about 25 takes, couple of overdubs and 6 hours later this was the result. A long way off the challenge but a lot of fun!

33 men

Pynest Street – Live at Haslemere Fringe 2018

A brand new track live from the Main stage

33 men

Dreamers – Live at Haslemere Fringe 2016

A really fun set at Haslemere Fringe. Live from the Lion’s Roar stage 2016

33 men

Our good friend Chuck has created this fabulous video to accompany 33 Men, taken from our album Coupons for the Moon.   33 Men follows a long tradition of mining disaster songs, but this was the mining disaster with a difference.   All 33 Men in the 2010 Copiapó mining accident survived. On Thursday, 5 August 2010 a significant cave – at the San José copper and gold mine trapped a team of miners deep underground and about 3 miles from the mine’s entrance.   “Los 33” as they became known survived an unprecedented 69 days before they were rescued.   17 days after the accident, on 22nd August, a note written in bold red letters appeared taped to a drill bit when it was pulled to the surface after penetrating an area believed to be accessible to the trapped workers. It read simply “Estamos bien en el refugio, los 33” (“We are well in the shelter, the 33 of us”).   A true story of human endeavour and ingenuity, set against the background of expected tragedy and the daily danger often faced by miners around the world.

Acknowledgements: Chuck E Peru.  All footage for this video has been lovingly taken without permission from the incredible documentary “33” directed by Eduardo Bertrán & Reinaldo Sepúlveda. Find and watch it on YouTube.


humming in the wires

The second video from our album “coupons for the moon” for the song “humming in the wires”. This is the shortest song we’ve ever written. Simple story of a couple separated permanently by an argument, and a road accident.